Frickin Freezin in the ALamo City.

Well it’s been over two years since I’ve had anything to mention. I guess now’s as good as a time as any. Its frickin’ freezin’ outside, and I mean that lit-really. Just had dinner at the tidy Thai Dee. Great meal weren’t for all the wino’s hoopin’ and holler’n at the big table. It were the wine sippers slurpers sniffin peering into sparklin’ glasses some reds some whites samplin’ wino sommeliers. Well its frickin’ cold outside some of my neighbors putting blankys on their shrubberys. I don’t feel like wine so I’m gonna go drink some brandy!

Lady at spinning wheel.

Black velvet on cloth with silk stitchery, approx 8"x12"


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Freedom has mosquitoes.

The weather has been cool and damp. The mosquitoes have been cruel and vamp. It’s San Antonio, it’s Summertime, and it has rained 41 of the last 42 days. I have yet to break down and turn on the A/C. I saw in the news the ave temp has been 89 almost 3 degrees below normal. Much cooler than I remember. I hope the rain keeps cooling. I don’t want to be Phoenix.

The cat urinated on the wife’s side of the bed. The husband got a bottle of $12 stuff that did indeed eliminate the odor. The house cat that was born outside in the Olmos basin also was no longer a guest of the house. The wife was still not satisfied with the situation. To sleep in a cat-pissed bed even if the spouse offered to switch sides, was not going to happen. This was the last straw for the wife. Years of anguish strewn on the cart. The wife also moved out.

Months later rats invaded the house. First attacking food left on countertops at night. Later growing so bold as to run across the room in broad daylight. Rats as big as coffee mugs gnaw out new doors in the walls and cupboards. Rats climb atop the fridge and select food from pantry shelves. Living with rats would have been fine if they’d only kept quiet at night when I was trying to sleep and remained hidden away when I was awake. Ignorance is bliss as they say. But no.

Welcome back cat. On her first night back, Tula, the Olmos Basin wild cat, slaughtered the troublesome rat. It would be nice to think the rat died quickly and humanely on the first maul. Cats are not humane. Cats are feline. The evidence did not support a quick end. There was blood EVERYWHERE. A trail of blood through the rooms, on a bed, on the floor, drips and splatters of crimson droplets. A soaked sheet had to be thrown away. Nary a drop on Tula, she’d probably licked herself clean. The rat had not been eaten and was wholly intact yet drained and she is hungry.

Come Spring Tula decided she was going back to the great outdoors. The first couple of times she ran outside,I found her and brought her back in. One of the advantages of an indoor-only cat is no fleas. An indoor-outdoor cat, brings fleas inside. Fleas are a good reason to bathe a cat. But on the forth or so time, Tula became an outdoor-only cat and she bathes herself when she feels like it.

I think she prefers the wild unlimited outdoors of the city to the cramped boring indoors of the house. She likes to nap on top of cars at night and under them or on the porch during the day. She has a cat-boyfriend we named Me-new. She still likes to be fed and comes to cry for food in the morning and at night. If the rats come back I may need her to come back inside for a night.

Tula and Me-new

It’s been 8 months since the wife executed the divorce. The cat knew something was up.

They chose freedom. Freedom has mosquitoes.

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A cowbell clanks atop a cedar pole.

Child rings cowbell at top of cedar post at Texas Folklife Festival.

Here we have a successful pole climber at the Texas Folklife Festival. Having climbed to the top of the slippery cedar pole a young climber rings the cowbell.

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Terrible Feelings

Sometimes you feel it in the pit of your stomach. You know nothing good will come of it. When it finally hits you you know it. Sometimes this feeling is associated with anxiety. Sometimes with dread. Sometimes a terrible feeling. Then you watch/read/hear the news see how many people have it worse than you, then that terrible pit in your stomach turns out to be a big belly laugh!

This is how the artist felt just before he filed his 2006 income taxes:

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The Human Torch Was Denied A Bank Loan

Image of 'my uncle' saying 'The Human Torch Was Denied A Bank Loan'
I found this image on a dumpster. Of course, I’ve seen this guy all over town now. Not sure who he is. Anyhow, My curiosity piqued, I googled “The Human Torch Was Denied A Bank Loan”, and lo and behold that meme sure is pervasive.

There is someone on with that name, and a ton of web sites. Please send me money, my paypal address is because, ahem, even the human torch was denied a bank loan!

Here are some more ETTWDABL links/threads:

The Plot thickens. It was a quote from the movie Anchorman:

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Wall at the White Rabbit: Foxes In Paradise

Foxes In Paradise

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Almost fell off the wagon.

Was at Double Dave’s the other day.  I was impressed by relatively small but extremely broad range of brews.  In addition to the makings of a black and tan, they also had some Double Chocolate Stout, some Barley Wines, a couple of Lambecs, and some festive brews.  Hill’s and Dale’s out on 1604 may have a more extensive selection, but Double Daves has the greatest variety in a compact space I’ve seen.  Very deep.  Almost enough to drive me back into an alcoholic stupor. Almost but not quite.  Pizza was okay.

The Seahawks were royally reamed by the refs but the Steelers still deserved to win (the more exciting team) but I suggest the score would have been 24-21 Seahawks were it not for the refs.

Double Dave’s Pizzaworks

Address: 6462 N New Braunfels Ave, San Antonio, TX 78209
Phone: (210) 828-3283

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Things to do.

1. Answer question “Who created God?”

2. Answer question “If one and one is all, how can a rock roll?”
3. Climb Mt. Everest in a mech.
4. Inform beer drinkers everywhere:

  • That it is better to quit drinking than to kill while driving after drinking.
  • That road signs that advertise beer (or booze) to driving people are inherently evil.
  • That buxom babes do not hang around beer-bellied bums.

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Sounds About Town: buttercup

This S.A. band has just done a music video featuring a chess simul. Go check them out at

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Murals About Town: Robert Tatum

The whimsical murals of Robert Tatum delight the eye and enlight the mind. Robert Tatum besides being a muralist is a fine artist and architect.
His web site is: Robert Tatum

Here are some images I have taken with my palm pilot:

Thanx Nick


thanx Adriana

I really like the fish in the above mural, so I zoomed in on it.
Zoom in on the fish.

Midtown Pizza!

Pizza A Go Go

Mission Trails

Mission Trails thanx

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